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Matches today (20 Nov 2019)

11/19/2019 10:48:00 AM
Ferrari » Help me and Pablo! :)

As you may have seen before, I started a Federation for Achievement points. It's not just an empty shell, we also offer lots and lots of rare flags, it is the only active Flag Chasing federation nowadays. So if you did not join yet, please do [b]join [allianceid=117291][/b]

Also, you might know pablo1995. Yesterday he had his birthday, and he is trying to reach 1000 members for his federation, the biggest in Hattrick. It would be a great birthday present if we could help him get past the 1000 members before Friday: [b][allianceid=115140][/b]. He is now at 977, so you can help him get there!


Veto Academy - Key Town Youth

Chicos de Catalunya C.F. - Chosen One

Rialto Rats 3 - 0 FC Turtelona Junior

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