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European Hattrick Federation is a place for friends from Europe and from all over the world.

We want to make a large and active group, a big family with members who enjoy football and the best online game.

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Matches today (24 Jul 2021)

7/24/2021 2:09:00 PM
Paolo Ovvia Fc » Groviera

Groviera Fc.

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Italy PANE & SALAME [VIII.151] : Buone vacanze
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Spain CD Pacifico [VI.6] : Coyendo aire
oviedo/uviÉu (asturias) | victoria perimportante depués de seis derrotes consecutives la d'esti sábadu por 0-4 escontra imox. yera un partíu calificáu comu 'mus......  more

Italy Grifo Rangers [VI.686] : Finale scontato, ma chiudere col cuore
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Netherlands Voorburg Vikings [V.62] : 800
gelukkig kon de mijlpaal van 800 competitiewedstrijden luister worden bijgezet door een klinkende 5-0 overwinning op leike op ut weike. zo kon voorburg zijn 433......  more

Italy Punk Team 17 [VI.804] : 11° giornata di campionato
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